Team rangamaati’s desire to promote True Cultural Reflection of “One India ” beyond State, Caste, Creed & Religion and to promote this intercultural approach further on a cultural level Globally and Internationally, led to the birth of our “Art Exchange Program” in the year 2017.

Our Artists Exchange Program works towards erasing away the interstate Boundaries by giving artists of different cultures from the different state the opportunity to work together on product bringing in their best skill and cultural impression. In the hope that lasting friendship and understanding would develop among Artisans and their collaborative Art outcome does not be just a product instead when a patron buys the work its an Artwork bearing signatures of every single Artisan, Farmers, Weavers and all who have made the Artwork Possible with a message of Unity, Friendship, and Teamwork .

We hope to enrich creative development, expand access to the art of other cultures and deepen mutual understanding across cultures through our Art Exchange Program.
This is a great way to learn about National Art, its Origin and History, products crafted under this Program allow us and Global Patrons the scope to discover, learn and relate to True Indian Art and its Rich Heritage.

States Involved So Far :

Under this Program, we have been Successful in working with Artisans of

Bengal | Gujarat | Rajasthan | Madhya Pradesh | Andhra Pradesh

Art Exchange Initiated:

1* Ajrakh Hand Block Print ( Natural Dye).
2* Shibori. Stich & Clamp ( Natural Dye)
3* Tarapur & Nandana Hand Block Print ( Natural Dye).

4* Kalamkari Authentic Way ( Natural Dye).
5* Dabu Hand Block Print ( Natural Dye).

6* Madhubani Block Print ( Natural Dye).