Any art is an integral part of the intangible heritage of mankind which needs our channelized attention. When it comes to the ethos of folk culture, especially the handicrafts, folksongs, dance-forms and as well as painting, it becomes equally important as they implicate the weaving of a glorious story down the path of history.

Above all, it is our socio-cultural duty to undertake the endeavor for its preservation at first place and continuation at the second place and that too without affecting their nativity. That is why we are trying to focus at the concerned fact from the anthropological and ethnographic point of view. But at the same time it is also true that only the process of archiving these local art forms will not be of any direct help for the folk artists at the individual level.

Through Our Projects ,we are promoting large domain of artisans and their artwork, across West Bengal, India to the global audience and connoisseur of Handicrafts and Folk Art.



1 * ARTIST FOR ART SAKE.  [   Empowerment   ]
2 * BHALOPAHAR   [  Nature Sustainability  ]
3*  SHRISTHIR POTHEY  [  Child Rights Protection & Education  ]