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Overview of project rangamaati ..

 Patrick Chettri reviewed rangamaati – 5 star    2 January

Sanjay has put in a lot of effort to be the voice for the voiceless in the field of art. He has many stories to share. I had an amazing time with Rangamati family.
Sanjay keep it up.

 Arunangshu Das reviewed rangamaati – 5 star                13 April 2017

Rangamaati’s effort to connect with the grass-root handicraft artists of Bengal/India is highly commendable. I wish all success to Sanjay and Dipa for their challenging dream in Rangamaati.

 Saumalya Ghosh reviewed rangamaati – 5 star       12 March 2017

Rangamati is a commendable initiative by Sanjay. I’m sure Rangamati will create a platform for Bengal’s artisans where their skills will be paid off. Wish you all the very best, Sanjay..

  Suparna Bose reviewed rangamaati – 5 star   11 February 2017

Egiye cholo…khub bhalo podokkhep…..amra sathe chilam,,,,,,sathe achi,,,,,,,,,sathe thakbo..

 Taniya Chakraborty reviewed rangamaati – 5 star         3 January 2017

Very inspiring and commendable initiative by Sanjay. Wish you all the very best. Hope that you will be able to make all your ‘ranga’ dreams come true.

 Nilesh Kerekar reviewed rangamaati – 5 star              26 December 2017

I feel connected to Rangamaati since I had a random call to Sanjay Ji one fine day. He narrated me about the Rangamaati culture and his views towards it, which inspired me a lot. Thank you, Sanjay Ji, Thank you Rangamaati.

 Arindam Chakraborty reviewed rangamaati – 5 star   2 December 2016

Awesome concept..precise execution….all the best to Rangamati!!!!!

 Bbiswas Pparomita reviewed rangamaati – 5 star  2 December 2016

It’s amazing…. I don’t know whether I am associated with Rangamati or not, but it’s true that I feel the “feel good factor”, when ever I wear Rangamati special, as I also believe in “simple living”. Another thing is that I know that I am one of them who are contributing ‘very little ‘ to our truly poor artisans. Wish a good luck to Rangamati.. anyway, is ur “18 moths” over? I don’t want to know what happened to you… Because I want to cheer you rather than consoling… Because you kind of people is really needed for the upliftment of rural Bengal… Wish you a happy prosperous future ahead.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

 Pankaj Shah reviewed rangamaati – 5 star        2 December 2016

Rangamaati is doing wonderful work! It’s a social enterprise in true sense, working for sustainable development with craft skills. The products are also nice and reasonably priced.

Ambika Shaw reviewed rangamaati – 5 star    2 December 2016

Nice collection of Bengal’s Dokra statuette and accessories.

 Indranil Sen reviewed rangamaati – 5 star       2 December 2016

The Determination , Struggle & Revival of Artisans of Bengal is the sole motive of Sanjay.

 Rajarshee Chakraborty reviewed rangamaati – 5 star  1 December 2016

A noble initiative to revive Bengal’s art and handicrafts.Way to go Rangaamati.Keep up the good work.

 Sanjay Guhathakurta reviewed rangamaati – 5 star    1 December 2016

Absolutely Handcrafted and Handmade by the Artisan of Bengal with the Natural and Organic Medium of Bengal.
You see every one is selling PRODUCTS ….very few want their buyers to Get ARTWORK …a story to talk about and Artwork unveiling the Unspoken part of the Artisans Life…all the very best for the initiative.

 Dipa Guhathakurta reviewed rangamaati – 5 star       24 November 2016

What is seen is delivered ..Under this project Price is always Fair and Artisans are promoted .Excellent Quality and customers are cared for.