Zulqarnayn Ali Mohammad Khatri
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Zulqarnayn Khatri

Shibori & Natural Dye Artisan

Contact/Background Information :
Name :  Zulqarnayn Khatri.
Address: Dhamadka, Gujarat. INDIA.
Age: 42 Years.
Marital Status: Married.
Children: 2

Art Experience: Zulqarnayn learned the art of Shibori while assisting his father and mother who were both Tie and Dye Artisans. Shibori originating from Japan, is a traditional art form, which involves a tie-dye technique to produce beautiful patterns. This concept applied to cloth results in unique and beautiful patterns across fabrics and garments.He loved the fact as to how the carefully and methodically tied up fabrics upon dyed and washed revealed designs –like a mystery revealing up.

Zulqarnayn is fascinated by the method of printing a Shibori which is an enigma in itself as it follows a creative and exciting method. Traditionally, pieces of string are used to tie the cloth, which is then dyed. After the dye has dried, the strings are cut and the result is a beautiful pattern known as Shibori. Each pattern of Shibori is unique as the tying cannot be done with complete accuracy.

He is happy to be a part of rangamaati’s AEP [Art Exchange Program] Program providing him a chance to work with weavers of Bengal and being able to add value to fabrics and sarees as — by Bengal’s Weavers. He believes working together is the only solution to fight back “fake”, screen printed and machine-made fabrics. Zulqarnayan loves working for rangamaati time to time as it helps him generate income while he works from home and his artwork reaches new markets across India and Abroad and looks forward to working with us more in the future.

Zulqarnayan has completed a series of small projects for a lot of big brands across India, but his dream is to take on bigger projects. One day he would love to have his own dyeing workshed, unit members and do more work, reach newer markets and put end to generations old poverty