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Our Founders Believe Great Products becomes possible when Patron Voice Out their Experience

5 years back, since project rangamaati was initiated our philosophy and vision was and is to bring the Artisan and the Art Lover face to face…We dreamt of telling the stories behind the artwork…wanted to create ” PATRONS Not Customers ” …wanted them to understand the untold story of the artisan’s Life, their agony of Poverty,non-recognition and scarcity yet their Love for Art, and Intangible Culture.

Our Patrons are most kind and encouraging and their passion about our products Applauded Upon and is the BEST Appreciation of the artisans and our Hard work. ..

Our artisans put a lot of painstakingly tiring effort to Create these artwork be it Kantha Stitching, Hand Dyeing with Natural Dyes of Dokra handcraft Jewelry to complex Block printed Ajrakh or Dabu… As such words of appreciation always boost these rural women spirit, self-esteem and confidence and they start believing in themselves and try to deliver “better than last time ” outcome thus enhancing the Artwork.

We would Love to Share all of their words of Encouragement and Motivation, presenting few who have been with us for a long long time.

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Mrs. Neelima Shimhadri

Houston Texas

“When Patrons such as Mrs. Neelima Shimhadri takes it upon themselves and DEMAND , Quality in the Lives of Artisans who made the Clothes ?.. We could along with Our Artisans fold Our Hands in prayer and ask for well being of such kind Patron.

Its Your Love which has made rangamaati what it is today… a true platform where Art lovers and Artisans Meet ..understand Art and its Making Process and Art lovers adopts Artwork as a way to establish sustainable development in Artisans Life. Looking very Best and Sporting our recent collection of Muslin Cotton Saree with All Natural Dye Tarapur Hand Block Printed at her lovely home @ Houston Texas.” -Mrs. Neelima Shimhadri, Houston Texas

I always love Matt finish and Earthy colors as they illuminate me, Energize me ……. I wore rangamaati’s saree during this Years’s Durga Puja at AirForce Officers Colony, Madhya Pradesh and everyone stopped me and asked about my saree and obviously, it made me feel so uniquely special ……your collection made this puja so very special. Love the rawness of the Gicha Silk and highlighted Resham Aanchal combination. – Mrs.Moupiya Ghosh, Homemaker | Nature Enthusiast

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Mrs. Moupiya Ghosh

Homemaker | Nature Enthusiast

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Mrs. Paromita Biswas

Classical Singer | Homemaker

Past 4 Years I have always loved your & Weavers Effort. The Quality & Richness of the Material and vibrancy of colors make your every saree unique and stand out in the crowd. They are the perfect blend of traditional weaving and Modern Style. I had ordered this Linen Saree with Zari Woven Aanchal and Border for this Year’s Durga Puja and I totally loved it.. .. Honestly got a lot of appreciation for this Saree from the fellow residents.of Housing Complex where we celebrate Durga Puja among 600+ families.

The Linen Saree is so easy to carry, comfortable to wear and the richness of Linen with Zari makes it truly traditionally smart. Looking forward to more such creative Experiments with fabrics, artwork and feel good factor.I am really proud to have such a nice, precious collection in my wardrobe… It became possible only because of RANGAMAATI as this is the ultimate place to have authentic Indian artwork….please convey my heartiest thanks to all those great artisans…- Mrs.Paromita Biswas, Classical Singer | Homemaker

It’s an excellent effort put towards a unique concept by Sanjay and Dipa. I feel they are putting in their best to support the artisans of Bengal in a very sustainable way. It’s great that they are doing it against the challenge of other fully commercial players.- Mr.Swapan DattaRay, Power & Utility Manager at IOCL | Technical Reviewer

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Mr. Swapan DattaRay

Power & Utility Manager at IOCL | Technical Reviewer

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Ms. Anushga Khatua

2nd Year Student | Photography Enthusiast

This Year I had my first Saree presented by my parents for the Durga Puja..being the first saree of my Life ,it had to be special however I should be able to drape it and carry it with ease,first thing that struck me at rangamaati was affordability, the low price range to high; they had some gorgeous Sarees to cover every budget. Resham Cotton Silk saree in my favorite Turquoise Blue with Red border had me all mesmerized. The Saree is not only gorgeous but so easy and hassle-free to carry. Enjoyed a lot , thank You rangamaati for making my first Saree memorable. – Ms. Anushga Khatua, 2nd Year Student | Photography Enthusiast

My friend Papiya introduced me to rangamaati , she being a Bengali always wore some gorgeous Sarees during any festive days ,so when she referred me to rangamaati’s collection and project rangamaati as a whole I instantly felt very connected to the social cause and fell in love with their Sarees, Papiya knew every Saree by name but I seemed to love them all, and I wanted them all. I loved the colors, texture, weaving patterns and the look and feel of them.

I being a Maharashtrian always thought Bengal sarees were difficult to drape and carry , but the way they drape a woman’s body is so very comfortable. Traditional, elegant, Fashionable, modern smart and ethnic, all at the same time making the wearer stand out in the crowd. – Mrs Anita Nahata, HR Professional | Cook Book Writer

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Mrs Anita Nahata

HR Professional | Cook Book Writer

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