Adil Ahmed
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Adil Ahmed

Ajrakh Hand Block Printing

      Adil is very happy to be part of the project rangamaati.  He’s glad that his work contributes not only to help his family but also contributes towards the revival and continuation of generations-old artwork…

Contact/Background Information :
Name : Adil Ahmed
Address: Dhamadka, Gujarat. INDIA.
Age: 51 Years.
Marital Status: Married.
Children: 3

Art Experience :
As eighth-generation block printers, Adil Ahmed and his family have been working in large-scale vegetable dyeing, possibly due to an awareness of environmental issues like pollution, warming, depletion of water sources related and impacting production.Adil learned this art from his Uncle and Father who used to do Ajrakh block printing.

He mentions tradition and technology with humility and passion, according to him, technology has made his and other Ajrakh artisan time and productivity more efficient and made life more convenient ensuring quicker production and faster shipments without delay. He treats traditional and upfront fashion motifs as two separate categories with no confusion. Tradition is important as there is a story behind it, says Adil.  If we change the motifs, it is not Ajrakh anymore.

Designs are traditional, oft-repeated. Kutchi designs have floral, vegetal and animal patterns. Flowers are intricate and differently hued. The elephant and the peacock are exquisite. More contemporary designs are geometric circular patterns and triangles.

Unlike block printing in other parts of India, Ajrakh designs are done in flamboyant colors against darker contrasts. Indigo is dominant. Deep blue and rich crimson stand out. In some way, the colors seem to offset the drabness of the desert. Designs are, at times, finalized after discussion with big stores who suggest new ideas and even bring their own designs. Designs are also turning more secular.

His Dream is opening up a workshop dedicated to working with lost and forgotten techniques of Ajrakh Block Printing.