Lutfa Banu Begam
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Lutfa Banu Begam

Kantha Karigaar

She draws her ideas from Islamic Architecture on the walls and entrance of Mosques in close vicinity of her Village .their intricate designs. her favorite and she tries recreating those designs through Kantha Embroidery involving complex Naqshi Embroidery and Geometric Patterns.

Artist Statement : 
I cannot write, but my embroidery is my signature and it feels so great when educated customers across India and abroad wear my art and feel special.

Contact/Background Information :
Name Lutfa Banu Begam.
Address: Nanoor, Birbhum, West Bengal. INDIA.
Age: 52 Years.
Marital Status: Married.
Children: 4

Art Experience :
Her Grandmother and elder sister Jahanara taught her how to do hand embroidery, the rare art of Naqshi Kantha stitching pattern .
Style of Embroidery: Traditional & Contemporary.

Artist Biography :
Lutfa Banu is 52 and Mother of 4. She was born in a small Village near Bangladesh Border, however, since her marriage 36 years ago she lives in the VIllage of Nanoor. an hour and a half drive from Shantiniketan.

Before becoming one of our artisans, Lutfa used to Handstitch Sarees and Dupattas if she could manage some time after selling Vegetables in the market along with her husband who sells Fish and managing. her family and children

Lutfa loves to work with us at rangamaati because it gives her a stable job and steady income. She wants rangamaati to keep growing so that more people raising a family like her can have greater opportunities and sustainable development.

Who influences her work and why: Her faith in Allah .her prayers and believe that she could make a difference through her contribution. inspire her to create New Designs as she believes it’s through continuous New designs and Kantha Stitching full-time she could make her life easier than struggling to sell Vegetables in a small market and that she is able to take better care of her and family..

Her dream is to have her own house where her children can be Safe and be happy.