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Abdulla Sumar Khatri

Ajrakh Hand Block Printing

Abdullah Sumar Khatri

Now 49, he works with his two sons who are now seventh generation practitioners. The craft began to see bad days when the water in the village Dhamadka began to reduce the iron content, which meant that natural dyes did not work. After the Bhuj earthquake, the artisan community moved away from Dhamadka, to set up Ajrakhpur, in order to rebuild their lives and continue their tradition of printing, however, I choose to stay back and continue the Artwork. I learnt it here and the Art Originated from here only …Ajrakh for me is a reflection of my family ,tradition and staying at its roots.

Contact/Background Information :
Name : Abdullah Sumar Khatri.
Address: Dhamadka,Gujarat. INDIA.
Age: 55 Years.
Marital Status: Married.
Children: 2

Art Experience :
My father was an Ajrakh artisan. Generations before him carried on the art. It passed down to my father and now to me. During idle summer days as a child, at the workshop I assisted my father making the color, getting the dyes ready and trying out a few prints with Blocks.

Foreigners and Designers came to meet my father and grandfather They would learn block printing, Natural Dye making, and preparation. It is important for people to know the process as well.  People come and bargain with us, unwilling to pay, expecting it for cheap forgetting we work hard for it. Ajrakh printing has 17 different processes from beginning to end.

“My two sons are the greatest joy in my life, I wish they carry on the Family tradition of Ajrakh Block Printing, earn recognition and have a happy successful Life”

Abdulla's Work