Rabiun Bibi
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Rabiun Bibi

Kantha Stitch Hand Embroidery.

Contact/Background Information :
Name Rabiun Bibi. Artwork: Kantha Stitch Hand Embroidery.
Address: Shantiniketan, Birbhum, West Bengal. INDIA.
Age: 48 Years.
Marital Status: Married.
Children: 2

Art Experience : Rabiun’s Mother who is 78 years old is an expert in traditional hand embroidery,Rabiun learnt this art out of Curiosity and liking for colorful designs and pattern,she lost her husband within 5 years of her marriage and being the sole bread earner ,with him gone Rabiun faced acute poverty and was helpless with her 2 year old son and 4 years old Daughter .She was forced worked as sweeper,house maid and even hand rolled “bidi”( a thin local cigarette ) and took up kantha embroidery assignments from time to time to meet ends meet.

Back 2013,Rabiun met Sanjay,founder of rangamaati at a local market ever since then She has been doing Kantha Stitching Embroidery and teaching  intricacy of kantha stitch,drawing ,designing and color combinations to craftswomen of Layek Bazar Village near Bolpur, West Bengal.
The biggest challenge before her was to find a market for the handicrafts made by her and the community.

Today with rangamaati’s effort and platform as provided it opened up a new vista for them as now,rangamaati helps Rabiun and her small Team from the community be recognized for their effort and a platform to sell their hand-embroidered Sarees, Dupattas and Stoles to Customer across India and some time abroad too at fair prices.

She Dreams of having her own Work Shop someday, where she would be able to teach the Embroidery and sell independently and seeing her son established in a respectable Job.